Wired Fencing

Why Choose a Wire Fence?

Easily Installed. Affordability. Visibility. Durability. Customization

Barbed Wire

In a barbed wire fence, wires are twisted together making a cord with barbs that project from the fence at short distances of 5 or even 6 inches. This type of fencing system discourages people and animals that would otherwise find a way through your fence.


Woven wire fences are often used for both cattle and horses, it is popular because it is extremely secure. Animals simply can’t push their way through the woven wire fencing making it a cost effective choice for farms and ranches.


Electric fencing delivers a short, safe and memorable shock to create a psychological as well as a physical barrier. Animals remember and develop a respect for the fence, which also means less animal hide and pelt damage. 

We also provide electric and automated security fencing and gates for businesses and private residences that want the added protection.

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